Welcome to Be the Peace Institute

What if all women and girls AND men and boys - people of all genders - could have satisfying relationships without violence, control, or disrespect for one another?

Our vision is that we contribute to a more just and peaceful world for all, promoting healthy relationships, safe communities, and equitable systems in Nova Scotia.

New and

Sue Bookchin, ED, and Project Officer Stacey Godsoe recently met with Mark Furey, Minister of Justice, to share ideas about justice system reform to better serve survivors of intimate partner violence.  We thank Minister Furey for his comprehensive and thoughtful response, outlining the scope of initiatives our provincial Department of Justice is undertaking.  Please check out his letter on our Pathways to Justice page.

November 14, 2018:  Project Officer Stacey Godsoe has compiled a summary of recommendations from the new book:    Putting Trials on Trial: Sexual Assault and the Failure of the Legal Profession, (2018), by Dr. Elaine Craig of Dalhousie Schulich School of Law. Should be required reading! Read more… 

Our Mission:

Be the Peace Institute, a non-profit organization, is a catalyst for positive social change through projects that address the roots and consequences of gender-based violence.

What We Do:

Through innovative, collaborative initiatives, BTPI advances knowledge, research and best practice evidence to improve violence prevention and inform policy development, decision making, service provision and systemic change in service to those affected by gender-based violence.


  • Coordinate and partner on projects that promote gender equity, security and peaceful relationships, compassion and inclusion at personal, structural and systemic levels.
  • Seek out best practices and innovative ideas through research and other evidence in the field of gender-based violence.
  • Promote knowledge dissemination and application to decision-making.  
  • Work toward ensuring that integrated services and community infrastructure are in place to support vulnerable people(s).
  • Monitor, track and evaluate the impacts of our projects.
  • Provide education and awareness sessions about gender-based violence, by request

We welcome input and opportunities to engage with colleagues, friends, neighbours and supporters in Lunenburg County and beyond.  Please let us know how you'd like to be involved!