Current Projects

Pathways to Justice

As we keep the voices and direct experiences of women experiencing gendered violence as central to the project, we will ask the questions: What does justice look like from their perspective? Can the criminal justice system deliver unbiased justice? If so, what alterations are needed for that to happen? And if not, then what are the pathways to that justice, who will steward it and how can it be structured and resourced?    

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Restorative Conversations

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Our Youth on Technology

March-October 2018

A series of 3 interactive public conversations on youth and the use of technology- how to guide them in using it responsibly while avoiding potential harms. Presentations on sharing intimate images; impacts on mental health, relationships, self-esteem; what parents and caring adults can do to prevent cyber-harm; legal issues and the new Cyber Safety Act; public health perspectives and LGBTQ+ youth; community strategies for harm reduction, healthy relationships and safe communities.        

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Completed Projects

The Pink Snowsuit Project

Funded through Nova Scotia’s Sexual Violence Prevention Innovation Fund, this project will offer opportunities to gather diverse groups of parents in casual, accessible spaces to talk about socially constructed gender norms and their role in sexual violence prevention.

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Daughters of the Vote

In January, 2017, the Be the Peace Institute partnered with the Nova Scotia Advisory Council on the Status of Women to facilitate the Nova Scotia part of a national initiative to mark the 100th anniversary of some Canadian women being granted the right to vote.  

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The Power of Our Voices

Two events to honour Victims and Survivors of Crime Week 2016 were developed and hosted by the Be the Peace Institute in Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia. In partnership with Second Story Women’s Centre, the Nova Scotia Barristers’ Society Equity and Access Office, and Bridgewater Police Services and funding from Justice Canada,  the theme of the events was The Power of Our Voices .  

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